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10 A FULL LINE OF GROTE AND TRUCK-LITE PRODUCTS AVAILABLE Hi Count® 4” LED Stop/Tail/Turn Lamp Hi Count® 6” 56-Diode Oval LED Stop/Tail/Turn Lamp SuperNova® 4” 10-Diode Pattern LED Stop/Tail/Turn Lamp SuperNova® 6” Oval LED Stop/Tail/Turn Lamp GOOD GOOD BETTER BETTER STOP / TAIL / TURN LAMPS ▪ Standard female connection accepts all popular plug-in connectors ▪ Concentric, high-count 24 diode design ▪ Fits all popular mountings and grommets ▪ Female pin connection accepts all popular plug-in connectors ▪ Fits same connections as female incandescent lamps ▪ Lower amp draw of LEDs allows for use of more lamps without draining vehicle power ▪ Lens design spreads light for maximum dispersion ▪ Encapsulant potting for total circuit board protection ▪ Hermetic lens-to-housing seal ▪ Advanced Pin Connection System uses tin-plated, solid brass pin terminals ▪ Advanced pin connection system uses tin-plated, solid-brass terminals ▪ Encapsulant potting for total circuit board protection ▪ Male pin termination for maximum moisture and corrosion protection ▪ Meets specifications for vertical and horizontal mounting GR G4002 Red GR G6002-3 Red GR G6003 Yellow GR 53252 Red GR 53962 Red GR 53963 Yellow LED WORK LAMPS GR G4003 Yellow GR 53253-3 Yellow TRILLIANT® LED WHITELIGHT™ WORK LAMP Spot Pattern GR 63571 Flood Pattern GR 63E41 Trapezoid Lighting Pattern GR 63591 Spot Pattern GR 63601 Flood Pattern GR 63611 Trapezoid Lighting Pattern GR 63621 ▪ 3" x 5" ▪ 50,000 hour LED WhiteLight™ ▪ Greater Lumen output with lower power consumption ▪ Voltage Amp: 12 V - 1.6A ▪ 700 Lumens ▪ 6" x 9" ▪ Long-lasting, high output LED work lamp ▪ 2,400 Lumens TRILLIANT® MINI LED WHITELIGHT™ WORK LAMP TRILLIANT® LED WHITELIGHT™ WORK LAMPS TRILLIANT® CUBE P/N Termination Beam Pattern Volts Amps 3000 Lumens GR 63F61 Amp Superseal Flood 12 3 GR 63F71 Amp Superseal Wide Flood 12 3 1200 Lumens GR 63981-5 Amp Superseal Flood 10/24 1.4/.7A GR 63991-5 Amp Superseal Wide Flood 10/24 1.4/.7A TRILLIANT® OVAL P/N Termination Light Pattern Volts Amps 3000 Lumens GR 64W81 Hard Shell Superseal Long Range 9-32V 2.6/1.3 GR 64W91 Hard Shell Superseal Close Range 9-32V 2.6/1.3 GR 64W21 Deutsch DT Long Range 9-32V 2.6/1.3 GR 64W31 Deutsch DT Close Range 9-32V 2.6/1.3 ▪ Quiet operation & consistent light output ▪ Premium LEDs produce white light that reduces eye fatigue and operator stress ▪ Rugged design withstands heavy vibration, corrosion, moisture, and dust ▪ Sophisticated reflector optics put more light on the task GR 64G11-5 Pendant (Near) GR 64G01-5 Pendant (Far) GR 64E01-5 Pinch (Far) GR 64E11 Pinch (Near) TRILLIANT® T26 LED WORK LAMP ▪ 17.5 Watts of power across 10-48 Volts ▪ Rugged mechanical design ensures consistent performance & long life in the harshest environments ▪ Advanced circuit design provides electronically quiet operation; protects against EMI without interfering with other electronic devices ▪ Clean, white light designed to represent true colors, just like day light ▪ 1,800 Lumens 3.2" W x 4.97" H (including bracket) 3.65" W x 4.73" H (including bracket)