00Agricultural Catalog

6 Mounting Kits Below EASY ACCESS GREASE FITTINGS Keeps corrosion to a minimum Accessible grease fittings located at the locking pin & rear pivot point HEAVY DUTY SPRINGS Takes the jerk out of towing and reduces the wear & tear on your brakes, transmission & differential FITS MOST DOMESTIC TRUCK FRAMES Fits under factory truck bumper & mounts directly to frame EASY PULL RELEASE HANDLES Releases lock assemblies for easy adjustments to the receiver hitch 2" X 2" RECEIVER HITCH Extends out to 7" & has a 12" swing right or left for easy oneperson hookups Also available with a flat bar receiver arm SELF-LUBRICATING GLIDE PAD Glide Pads make adjustments simple, especially when compared to metal-on-metal pads others use INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH BAKED-ON FINISH 1,200 LBS TONGUE WEIGHT UP TO 14,000 LBS TOWING CAPACITY H.D. Hitch Frame MUL5210-101 2" Receiver Bar MUL5210-102 Flat Bar MUL5210-103 *No applications available for cab & chassis models. MOUNTING KITS CHEVY/GMC 07-19 Silverado/Sierra 1500 (19 Old Body) MUL5210-130 20-23 Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500 HD MUL5210-131 11-19 Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500 HD MUL5210-113 01-10 Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500 HD Long Bed MUL5210-107 DODGE/RAM 10-19 Ram 2500/3500 w/o Factory Hitch MUL5210-125 03-09 Ram w/o Factory Hitch (09 2500 Only) MUL5210-125 FORD 09-14 F-150 w/ Factory Hitch MUL5210-112 04-05 F-150 w/ Factory Hitch w/o Dampener MUL5210-114 17-22 F-250/F-350/F-450 Super Duty MUL5210-120 99-16 F-250/F-350/F-450 Super Duty MUL5210-111 TOYOTA 07-13 Tundra w/o Factory Hitch MUL5210-140 Glide Pad Replacement MUL5210-150 Pull this handle to extend the draw bar an additional 7" Pull this handle to slide the draw bar side to side LOOP/LOOP STYLE ROPES Consists of a Loop being braided back into each end of the rope P/N Tensile Strength Dia. Length HDA38451 75,000 lb. 2 1/2" 15 ft. HDA38554 100,000 lb. 3" 25 ft. HDA38611 125,000 lb. 3 1/4" 40 ft. Includes free Camo-Mesh Duffle Storage Bag! Bag can also be purchased separately (BDW20232) BIG DOG RECOVERY ROPES ▪ Built in loop with protective polyurethane coating on both ends ▪ Built in loop with protective sleeve on both ends (BDW20231) ▪ High quality high strength nylon fiber has 25% stretch ▪ Enables smooth recovery between two vehicles ▪ Kinetic energy from elasticity aids recovery ▪ Elasticity reduces possibility of vehicle damage P/N Description Breaking Strength BDW20231 7/8" x 30' 22,400 lb. BDW20317 5/8" x 20' for Powersports 12,200 lb. BDW20313 1-1/4" x 30' for Trucks 45,000 lb. BDW20314 1-1/2" x 30' for Trucks 63,000 lb. BDW20378 2" x 30' 125,000 lb. BDW20231 BDW20314 BDW20232 BDW20310 3/8" Rope Shackle 26K LB BS BDW20311 1/2" Rope Shackle 38K LB BS BDW20312 5/8" Rope Shackle 61.7K LB BS ROPE SHACKLES ▪ Rope Shackles are high strength, light weight alternatives to steel screw pin shackles ▪ Easy to connect and disconnect ▪ Slip loop goes over monkey fist knot and tightens under load