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TIE ROD ASSEMBLY ∙ AXLE SPINDLE NUTS ∙ HUB CAPS SEALS ∙ BEARINGS ∙ DATATRAC ∙ KING PIN KITS CATALOG NUMBER 00 www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ TIE ROD ASSEMBLY Tie Rod End Industry Std. Reference Number QWIKTIE Part Number Axle Code King Pin Replacement QWIKTIE Tie Rod Ends 12-13K lb. Axle Rated - GREEN CAP ES3219L, ES3220R KF QT967SS FF-961, FF-966 K961L KF QTE967L Left End Only ES423L, ES423R FF-981, FF-986 K981R KF QTE967R Right End Only ES9001L, ES9001R 02-ADD K120I 18-20K lb. Axle Rated - RED CAP ES431L, ES431R KF QT108SB FL-931, FL-941 KH931L KF QTE108L Left End Only ES9328L, ES9329R E1462I/W K147E KF QTE108R Right End Only ES431L, ES431R EFA18F3, EFA20F4 K180E This table captures example cross references to a QWIKTIE tie rod assembly. For any given axle or tie rod end, there can be many possible combinations of cross-tube lengths. For example, there could be as many as 40 different assemblies using the ES423L tie rod end. HIGHLY ADAPTABLE FOR MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY Designed to increase simplicity and safety. STEMCO ® QWIKTIE ™ tie rod assembly offers a highly adaptable solution that can accommodate a wide range of straight tie rod lengths. Increased clamping and tube strength allows it to hold alignment, reducing stress on other suspension components. Pro-Torq Axle Nut Fasteners – Increase tire life and reduce seal failure with the Pro-Torq axle spindle nut. With bearing adjustment increments down to 0.001” and exacting cup and cone alignment on the spindle, nothing compares to the precision of Pro-Torq. P/N THREAD SIZE TOOL SOCKET REPLACEMENT KEEPER AXLE ST 447-4723 TRAILER (P) 3.48" - 12 4 1/8” ST 450-4723 Dana Spicer, Fruehoff, Hendericson, Meritor, Ingersoll ST 447-4743 TRAILER (N) 2 5/8" 3 3/4" ST 450-4743 Dana Spicer, Eaton, Hendrickson, Ingersoll ST 448-4836 STEER 1 1/2" 2 1/2" ST 450-4836 Dana Spicer, Eaton, Fruehoff, Meritor, Standard Forge ST 448-4837 STEER 1 1/2" 2 1/2" ST 450-4837 Eaton, Ford, Meritor ST 448-4839 STEER 1 5/8" - 12 2 5/8" 6 Point ST 450-4839 Mack Front ST 448-4865 STEER 1 3/4" 3" ST 450-4865 Meritor FL Series ST 449-4904 DRIVE 2 7/8" 4 1/8" ST 450-4904 Mack ST 449-4973 DRIVE 3 1/4" 4 3/8" ST 450-4973 Dana Spicer, Meritor, Eaton ST 449-4974 DRIVE 2 5/8" 3 3/4" ST 450-4743 Eaton, Ford, Meritor, Navistar ST 449-4975 DRIVE 2 5/8" 3 3/4" ST 450-4975 Dana, Ford, GMC, Navistar, Rear Axle School Bus PRO-TORQ AXLE NUT FASTENERS *Ask how to get a FREE Stemco Dial Indicator