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3 Scotseal ® Classic/LongLife from SKF As the original Self Contained Oil Type Seal, Scotseal ® Classic from SKF has proven to be a solid choice for dependable, long lasting service. With literally trillions of road miles to its credit, Scotseal Classic is a reliable performer for meeting the sealing requirements between brake maintenance intervals. SKF TF Hubcaps Combining sophisticated design and a body manufactured from DuPont’s Zytel ® , TF Hubcaps resist impact damage, weather, chemicals, road salt, UV radiation, and ozone. SKF offers grease and oil compatible hubcaps as well as the new P.S.I. compatible hubcaps - a complete line for heavy duty protection. SKF rebuild kits for PreSet ® SKF is proud to introduce the all inclusive rebuild kit for PreSet hub assemblies. Extend the life of your PreSet wheel end and lower operating costs with the kit that provides all the OEM approved wheel end components - SKF Scotseal PlusXL wheel seal, SKF half stand tapered bearing sets, PreSet spacer, and SKF hubcap (if applicable). Equip your fleet with PreSet reliability and SKF quality - get the new SKF rebuild kit at your SKF distributor or OE dealer. New Scotseal hubcaps for P.S.I Systems National ® Oil Seals “Red” 37 Series featuring Dynamic Edge Technology National ® Gold ™ Oil Bath Seals 38 Series Exclusive Dynamic Edge ™ technology from National Oil Seals is an innovative dirt exclusion system engineered to deflect dirt and moisture away from wheel end components. Scotseal ® PlusXL from SKF The premium seal in the Scotseal ® family of products from SKF, the Scotseal PlusXL is synthetic lubrication– friendly and offers better dirt exclusion than any other seal on the market. A specially formulated elastomeric material allows the Scotseal PlusXL to withstand extreme heat and cold, providing a whole new level of performance and endurance. The Scotseal PlusXL offers fleet managers the convenience of hand installation. • • Dynamic Edge ™ pumping feature deflects contamination away from the face of the seal • • Four floating points of contact lock out dirt and moisture • • Single spring-loaded sealing lip provides main contact point reducing shaft interference • • Unique rubber I.D. and O.D. includes exclusive SURE-LOCK ® I.D. rib technology, preventing contamination as well as bore and shaft leaks • • Unitized construction provides greater structural integrity • • Metal O.D. maintains position on hub bore • • Constructed out of a proprietary PTFE compound which endures extreme temperatures, is compatible with mineral or synthetic oils or greases and has the lowest friction co-efficient or any available seal material • • A lower torque, cooler running, easier to install, longer-lasting seal • • A unitized shield protects seal lip, allowing entire seal to be installed or removed in one piece. • • Dual wall construction prevents seal damage during installation • • Unique rubber O.D. and I.D. seals bore and shaft imperfections. No application or an external sealant is necessary • • Patented solid Teflon® lay-down bi-directional sealing lip maintains positive sealing during wheel movement • • Three floating exclusion lips and bumper pad provide points of contact for additional protection • • Patented SURE-LOCK ® I.D. rib design grips the axle without high installation loads C5 10045885 Premium Wheel Seal FF Steer C5 10045883 Premium Wheel Seal FL Steer C5 10045887 Premium Wheel Seal R Drive • • Superior Contaminant Protection • • No Special Tools Required • • Exceptional Wear Resistance Premium Wheel Seals CR Scotseal X-Treme from SKF • • Hand installable • • Advanced sealing materials • • Unitized design with 4 sealing lips • • Extended warranty coverage: 5 years / 500,000 mile warranty