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7 TECH TIP: HOW TO IDENTIFY WHEEL-END SYSTEMS The type of wheel bearing system you use can have many service implications. There are three main types of wheel bearing systems you will find in the field. These systems are: adjustable, pre-adjustable and unitized. By identifying the type of system you have, you can then determine the type of service to be preformed. Adjustable Historically, the most common type of wheel bearing system is the adjustable wheel end. This system uses standard single row bearings. With traditional double nut or three-piece jam nut systems, your setting will be in end play if you follow the Technology & Maintenance Council’s (TMC) Recommended Practice 618 for adjustment guidelines. Consult the specified manufacturer’s instructions for proper torque values as each nut manufacturer’s installation instructions are different. Pre-Adjusted Pre-adjusted wheel-end systems can be supplied in two different ways: 1) the components may be loose, or 2) the bearings and seals may be supplied already pressed into the hub. A pre-adjusted wheel-end assembly can be identified by a spacer between the inner and outer bearings. Always refer to the manufacturer’s service recommendations for specific service instructions. Unitized The third type of wheel-end system is a unitized wheel end, which is a package system. The bearings, seals, and lubricant are pre-installed into the hub. The bearing adjustment is set during the manufacturing process and the nut acts to retain it on the spindle. This type of wheel-end system cannot be serviced in the field. The entire system will need to be replaced. You cannot replace separate components. Wheel-End System Typical Identifier Adjustable No spacer Pre-adjusted Spacer Unitized Seal on outer cone Below are some additional identifiers that may help you determine the wheel-end type: P/N Application Cone/cup Timken NTN HYTSET401 R DRIVE AXLE (outer) 580/572 SET401 SET401 HYTSET403 R DRIVE AXLE (inner) 594A/592A SET403 SET403 HYTSET406 FF STEER AXLE (outer) 3782/3720 SET406 SET406 HYTSET413 FF STEER AXLE (inner) & N TRAILER AXLE (outer) HM 212049/011 SET413 SET413 HYTSET414 N TRAILER AXLE (inner) HM 218248/210 SET414 SET414 HYTSET415 P TRAILER AXLE (inner & outer) HM 518445/410 SET415 SET415 • • Leading First Fit position in the HD Original Equipment wheel- end market for over 15 years! • • 70% Market share in the N.A. OEM Commercial Vehicle Industry • • Extremely close roller diameter variation within any assembly • • Superior dimensional and surface finish controls • • Optimum geometry, including roundness, profile and angle • • Crowned rollers and pathways • • Through hardened steel for optimized life • • Super clean steel for rollers and races • • High strength steel cages • • Low vibration levels tested 100% HYATT TAPERED ROLLER BEARINGS WEBB COMPOSITE DRUM P/N Weight Brake Size Pilot Diameter WW 96875B 89 lbs. 16.5 x 7 9.00 WW 96893B 89 lbs. 16.5 x 7 8.53 WW 96864B 89 lbs. 16.5 x 7 8.78 New light-weight Webb Composite Brake Drum Every pound you lose is another pound of Payload ▪ ▪ 15%+ weight savings compared to standard cast drums ▪ ▪ Lighter, stronger design features one-piece outer shell with a fused cast iron brake liner ▪ ▪ Exceeds FMVSS-121 dynamometer specifications ▪ ▪ Designed, cast, and machined for optimal balance and performance ▪ ▪ Backed by nationwide warranty and the best product support in the business Lightweight composite drum provides significant weight savings compared to standard cast drums Evenly distributed high-strength, cast iron brake liner delivers superior brake performance