02Air Dryers and Cartridges

Delivery Check Valve Replacement Kit BW K092011 Desiccant Cartridge Replacement Kit - Bendix® AD-HF® PuraGuard® Air Dryer BW 5009041PG AD-HF Style Replacement Cartridge (Note: Alternative Brand) K7 K5009041C Drain Valve BW 5004961N Governor Gasket BW 5007834 Governor Replacement Kits: Cut-in 105 psi, Cut-out 130 psi BW K194718 Cut-in 105 psi, Cut-out 125 psi BW K194719 Cut-in 120 psi, Cut-out 140 psi BW K194720 Heater and Thermostat Replacement Kits: 12 Volt BW 109495 24 Volt BW 109496 Mounting Studs Kit BW K194717 Cartridge Pressure Protection Valves Replacement Kits: 103 psi (Qty. 1), 112 psi (Qty. 3) PACCAR BW K194713 103 psi (Qty. 3), 112 psi (Qty. 1) FORD BW K194714 103 psi (Qty. 2), 112 psi (Qty. 2) HINO BW K194715 Purge Valve Replacement Assemblies: Assemblies for climate conditions above -40°C (-40°F) Standard Purge Valve Replacement Kit BW K022105 Haldex Purge Valve Assembly MD K022105K Discharge Line Unloader Purge Valve Replacement Kit BW K031562 Arctic Assemblies for climate conditions of -40°C to -50°C (-40°F to -58°F) Standard Purge Valve Replacement Kit BW K031559 Discharge Line Unloader BW K031563 Safety Valve BW 800350 Silencer Kit BW K186791 Wiring Harness and Splice Kit BW 109871N Description OEM Detail Part Number NEW Air Dryer PACCAR 12VDC, Extended Purge BW K160648SC NEW Air Dryer PACCAR 24VDC, Extended Purge BW K160649SC NEW Air Dryer PACCAR 12VDC, Standard Purge BW K160650SC NEW Air Dryer HINO 12VDC, Standard Purge BW K164018SC AD-HF® Air Dryer MAINTENANCE KITS/SERVICE REPLACEMENT PARTS AD-9si® Air Dryer Standard Cartridge BW 5008414 PuraGuard® Oil Coalescing Cartridge BW 5008414PG Purge Valve BW K022105 Haldex Purge Valve Assembly MD K022105K Delivery Check Valve BW K092011 Governor BW K092010 REPLACEMENT PARTS NEW Air Dryer BW K092871 New w/ PuraGuard® Cartridge BW K092871PG Standard Spin-On Cartridge BW 5008414 REPLACEMENT PARTS AD-RP™ Air Dryer w/ PuraGuard® Cartridge (1200P Replacement) BW 802519PG