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CATALOG NUMBER 02 www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ NEW ADDITION TO THE HALDEX DRAIN VALVE PRODUCT OFFERING As the newest advancement in the Haldex drain valve product offering, the Haldex Reservoir Purge Valve (RPV) promotes cleaner air systems by reducing the chance for contaminate build-up in the reservoir. Water, oil and other contaminates are purged upon setting the parking brakes or releasing the emergency air from the trailer. The new valve is available for trucks, tractors, trailers and dollies - anywhere a manual drain valve is required. Haldex Reservoir Purge Valve (RPV) PROMOTES CLEANER AIR SYSTEMS When operating an air brake system, it’s not a matter of “if”, but “when” will water, oil and other agents pollute the system. Contaminates are the number one cause of premature failure in valves and other critical components in any air brake system. In many cases, it is left to the vehicle driver to be the first line of defense. The Haldex Reservoir Purge Valve (RPV) gives the driver one less thing to worry about. The Haldex Reservoir Purge Valve (RPV) automatically promotes a cleaner air system by purging when the parking brake is set, or the emergency air is released from a towed vehicle. The valve, used anywhere an air reservoir is present, operates once supply air pressure is removed from the valve. Removal of the air opens the reservoir line to purge until the reservoir air pressure depletes to 95 psi. The valve then shuts off the purge operation and continues to maintain the reservoir pressure above 75 psi. MULTIPLE INSTALLATION OPTIONS The Haldex Reservoir Purge Valve (RPV) must be used in conjunction with a manual drain valve as prescribed in FMVSS-121. The valve is small and light weight and the built-in mounting bracket creates multiple installation options. Contact your Haldex Representative for assistance with retro-fitting instructions and new vehicle build opportunities. Built-In Mounting Bracket (2X Ø.27” Bolt Holes) MD KN21200 Reservoir Purge Valve MD 48100200 Filter Service Kit MD 42123048 Installation Kit Includes Reservoir Purge Valve MD K202016 Supplemental Bracket Kit