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CATALOG NUMBER 02 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ ProVia Air Dryer Cartridges P/N RZ PRO0102002 (Ref. R950011) Why ProVia? Until now, your choice of parts was often limited to either premium original parts or low quality substitutes. In response to this, WABCO developed our ProVia line of all-makes parts, which satisfies the need for affordable replacement parts that don’t compromise on quality or safety. About ProVia Air Dry Cartridges An air dryer cartridge is the first line of defense in protecting your vehicle’s air brake system, so it’s important to choose a part that prevents water intrusion. ProVia air dryer cartridges provide up to 15% better drying capacity compared to the low quality options in the market today*, protecting downstream components from corrosion and freezing. ProVia air dryer cartridges are: Built to fit a majority of air dryer applications Designed, engineered and tested by aftermarket specialists Proven to perform better than low quality alternatives Backed by a one year warranty WABCO is committed to helping you manage your vehicle’s total cost of ownership. With ProVia, you now have access to quality aftermarket parts that have the perfect blend of reliability, performance and value. Features Standard spin-on style cartridge for easy maintenance Quality cartridge desiccant provides up to 15% better drying performance than low quality competitors* Reliable performance up to 189 psi (13 bar) working pressure Benefits Spin-on style cartridge ensures fast installation during service and is compatible with all other spin-on cartridge replacements Quality desiccant material protects air system components from water damage which can lead to corrosion and freezing Cartridge ensures worry-free long term performance of air dryer and other downstream components, reducing vehicle downtime and repair costs * Per internal test as of April 2018 Cross Reference Alliance ABP N10G R950011 Armada BH109994 Automann 170.109994 Baldwin BA5374 Bepco 950011 Donaldson P781466 Haldex 950011K Midwest WA109994 NewStar S-A323 SORL 5008414BXW TRP AC1001 VIE V950011