10Krown Fleet New130004212021

RUST INHIBITOR KL73 RUST INHIBITOR / LUBRICANT • Dielectric strength 50kv, safe on all electrical • Remains active despite washing or road wash • Effective in high and low temperatures • Food grade approved throughout North America • Actively displaces moisture • Solvent-free Spray Tools Available! Aerosol CR KA71400-12 1 gal. CR KA74004-4 5 gal. CR KA74020 55 gal. CR KA74205 CATALOG NUMBER 10 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ SALT ELIMINATOR CHLORIDE REMOVING DETERGENT • Easily rinses to a beading,waxy finish • Removes even heavy salt build up quickly and easily • Reduces surface rust • Can be used in any wash system • Designed for heavy duty applications • Contains no solvents, NPEs or VOCs ORDER NUMBER Aerosol CR KA1198-12 1 gal. CR KA1199-4 5 gal. CR KA1200 55 gal. CR KA1201 DILUTION RATIO Heavy Duty 3:1 Recommended 10:1 Light Duty 20:1 • Solvent-free • Food grade approved throughout North America • Extremely durable • Advanced surface modifying additive • Displaces moisture / protects against rust • Remains on surface, does not evaporate • Designed for extreme heat & heavy load • Environmentally-friendly ORDER NUMBER Aerosol CR KA63400-12 5 gal. CR KA63020 KLFSM CHAIN LUBRICANT ORDER NUMBER Aerosol CR KA51400-12 KP53 FAST-ACTING PENETRANT • Allows for repair and maintenance without concern of contamination • Safe for use with all metals and electrical systems • Fast, effective penetrating action greatly outperforms other food approved penetrants • Food grade approved throughout North America • Breaks through rusted and seized parts for easy teardown With Krown Products you will receive all of these benefits... » Fewer highway breakdowns » Downtime will be reduced » Longer life cycle for vehicles » Increased resale value Resulting in... A better looking, longer lasting, safer vehicle!