15Butane Torches

BUTANE TORCHES & REFILLS CATALOG NUMBER 15 www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ P/N KS T-MTC-51 • Plastic canister torch • Self-igniting, Piezo Electronic Ignition System • 2500°F / 1300°C • 120 minutes of continuous use • Refillable • Windproof flame • Hand held or table top • Butane not included BUTANE-POWERED MICROTORCH P/N HDA83-6525 • Hands free - slide lock for continuous use and instant operation • Ergonomic handle design ensures a non-slip grip • Removable base for table-top or hand-held use • 60 minute continuous run time with a full charge • Maximum Temperature Rating: 1300°C (2500°F) • Instant Off safety switch • Adjustable flame: Pin point torch to a heavy duty broad flame • Butane not included TRIGGER TORCH • Best for small jobs and quick repairs • Lifetime waterproof ignition system • Refillable tank provides up to 30 minutes of butane capacity • Adjustable gas flow with wind-proof flame • Protective flip-open cap • See through fuel tank • Child resistance P/N PH 4-054 MINI-JET TORCH P/N ISNMAS51773-24H • For Phillips & NSPA Torches • 5-1/8 oz. ULTRATANE BUTANE