15Grote Power Cord and Air Assemblies

CATALOG NUMBER 15 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE™ 3-in-1 UltraLink™ Power Cord and Air Assemblies GR181-3112 12' Black GR181-3115 15' Black ▪ UltraLink™ zinc die cast plugs are filled with elastomeric material that resists crushing and acts as a potting to seal solid brass terminals from moisture ▪ A special adhesive bonds the cable to the plug, eliminating the need for a support spring and preventing moisture from entering the back of the plug ▪ Premium ABS cords’ advanced polymer jacketing material provides complete sealing & abrasion protection (-55°F to 190°F) ▪ Meets SAE J560, J2394 (ABS) certifications ▪ Air lines meet DOT FVSS No. 106 regulations and are resistant to gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, and other chemicals ▪ Air lines meet DOT J1402, Type A regulations; 3/8" I.D. ; 225 psi working pressure ▪ High-end spiral wrap protects the cable and air lines from chaffing and kinking ▪ Corrosion-resistant anodized glad handles allow for easy coupling/uncoupling ▪ Includes a swivel fitting for the tractor-end connection ▪ Includes hanging clamp for easy installation UltraLink™ ABS Power Cords GR187101 15' w/ 12" Lead, Coiled GR187170 15' w/12" & 48" Lead, Coiled GR187171 12', Straight, Premium GR187172 15', Straight, Premium ▪ UltraLink™ power cords exceed minimum legal lamp power delivery requirements for single or double trailer configurations ▪ Zinc die-cast plugs are filled with elastomeric material that resists crushing & acts as potting to seal solid brass terminals from moisture ▪ Provides excellent recoil memory, chemical, and abrasion resistance ▪ Adhesive bonds cable to plug, eliminating need for supporting spring and preventing moisture from entering the back of the plug ▪ Solid brass terminals are corrosion resistant, and provide superior current capacity with minimal voltage drop Nylon Air Brake Tubing ▪ UV and ozone resistant nylon material ▪ Resistant to gasoline, diesel fuel and other road chemicals ▪ Meets or exceeds SAE J844 (Type A – non-reinforced & Type B – reinforced) ▪ Meets or exceeds SAE J844, DOT FMVSS (49 CFR 571.106) & FMCSA (393.45) GR181-1014-1000B 1/4" Black 1000' Roll GR181-1014-1000BL 1/4" Blue 1000' Roll GR181-1014-1000G 1/4" Green 1000' Roll GR181-1038-500B 3/8" Black 500' Roll GR181-1038-500BL 3/8" Blue 500' Roll GR181-1038-500G 3/8" Green 500' Roll GR181-1038-500R 3/8" Red 500' Roll GR181-1012-100B 1/2" Black 100' Roll GR181-1012-100BL 1/2" Blue 100' Roll GR181-1012-100G 1/2" Green 100' Roll GR181-1012-100R 1/2" Red 100' Roll GR181-1058-250B 5/8" Black 250' Roll GR181-1516-100B 15/16" Black 100' Roll ▪ Meets or exceeds DOT requirements for use with compression fittings ▪ Operates at up to 150 psi in air brake systems; Operating range: -40°F to 200°F

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