18Kit Masters and Horton Fan Clutches

12 HT650® / BENDIX®-STYLE FAN CLUTCHES FRONT/REAR AIR REBUILD KITS Seal & Lining Kits Hub Bearing Kits Seal Kits Lining Kits K5 8000SKL - Front Air For K-22 Front Air Fan Clutches OEM# 1033-05435-02 K5 8500SKL - Rear Air For K-22 Rear Air Fan Clutches OEM# 1033-05435-03 K5 8800SKL - Rear Air For K-26, K-30 & K-32 Fan Clutches OEM# 1033-09339-01 K5 8800SKBL - Rear Air For Aluminum Body K-30 & K-32 K5 8000SK - Front Air For K-22 Front Air Fan Clutches K5 8800SK - Rear Air For K22, K-26, K-30 & K-32 Rear Air Fan Clutches OEM# 1033-08233-01 K5 8500L For K-22 Fan Clutches OEM# 1033-08233-01 K5 8800L For K-26 & K-30 Rear Air Fan Clutches OEM# 1033-09340-01 K5 8000SK K5 8800SK When replacing your fan clutch, you should also consider replacing the pulley bearings. These five bearing kits will repair all rear-air hubs. Replacing the hub bearings will ensure longer fan clutch life. K5 8581-01 OEM # 1033-07781-01 Most popular bearing kit for rear-air hubs K5 8582-01 OEM # 1033-07782-01 K5 8582-03 OEM # 1033-07782-03 K5 8582-02 OEM # 1033-07782-02 K5 8582-04 OEM # 1033-07782-04 HT550® / HT650® CONVERSIONS 8009N is a direct replacement/upgrade for Mack® applications of the HT650®/HT550® fan clutches* *When converting from HT650®/550®, reverse solenoid valve to air-to-disengage instead of air-to-engage. OEM Kit Masters # 981418 K5 8011N 981419 K5 8011N 981420 K5 8011N 981442 K5 8009N 981446 K5 8009N 991400 K5 8011N 991402 K5 8011N 991405 K5 8011N 991419 K5 8011N OEM Kit Masters # 991420 K5 8011N 991428 K5 8009N 991435 K5 8009N 991439 K5 8009N 991445 K5 8010N 991446 K5 8011N 991450 K5 8010N 991451 K5 8009N THEIRS Kit Masters