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12 Free Replacement Warranty BATTERIES GEMINEYE™ 7" LCD HIGH RESOLUTION COLOR SYSTEM EC K7000B GEMINEYE™ 5.6" LCD COLOR 2.4 GHz DIGITAL WIRELESS SYSTEM EC EC5605-WK2 CAMERA SYSTEMS EC EC2014-WC2 Camera ▪ Unobtrusive mounting with a large, easily viewable screen ▪ Excellent picture quality even in low light conditions ▪ Expandable up to 2 cameras ▪ 12-24 VDC Operating Voltage ▪ 1 Year Warranty ▪ Touchscreen menu control ▪ Internal controller ▪ CMOS infrared 11 LED camera ▪ Includes monitor sunshade ▪ Expandable up to 4 cameras ▪ 1 Year Warranty 12 Month FREE Replacement Warranty BATTERIES - 4D & 8D “FLAT TOP” CONSTRUCTION “Flat Top” 904D Battery 904D is hybrid in construction, and includes an accessible flush manifold cover and anchor locked elements. The newly designed cover puts an end to lost cell caps and the new anchor bonding enhances durability. “Flat Top” 8D Battery 908DFT is hybrid in construction, anchor bonded, has a flush cover with a dual exhaust port manifold, plus screw in type cell caps similar to our group 31’s. This cover’s design is the countermeasure to lost caps as well as easing the batteries installation into bus, earth-moving and farm equipment applications. Demanding commercial equipment requires nothing less than the most powerful, reliable batteries. This complete line of the toughest commercial product is specially engineered for durability while meeting high power ratings for heavy-duty engines. Features and Benefits ▪ Genuine calcium lead alloy provides longer waterless operation and extended battery life. ▪ Anchor-locked elements with full-frame grids and tight-packed commercial plates resist the damaging effects of vibration, delivering more power-perpound than other batteries. ▪ Most of our commercial batteries contain premium "deep pocket" envelope separators, which protect the plates on all four sides to dramatically reduce shorting and extend service life. ▪ Special computer-aided design and manufacturing means more durability for heavy-duty line-haul trucks, buses, farm tractors and off-road equipment. “Flat Top” Group 4D & 8D H.D. Construction Equipment Batteries Group P/N CA @ 32° CCA @ 0° F Mount Warranty Res. Cap Min. Core Grp. 4D DEK904D 1280 1050 Flat Top/Top Post 12 month 290 4D 8D DEK908DFT 1730 1425 Flat Top/Top Post 12 month 440 8D Group 4D & 8D H.D. Construction Equipment Batteries Group P/N CA @ 32° CCA @ 0° F Mount Warranty Res. Cap Min. Core Grp. 4DLT DEK94DLT 1005 850 Top Post/12 mo. 12 month 240 LT 8D DEK708D 1340 1100 Top Post/12 mo. 12 month 325 8D 8D DEK908DFT/T928 1730 1425 T928/12 mo. 12 month 440 8D FEATURES BENEFITS Fiberglass wrapped envelope separators Locks active material to plate surface Genuine calcium lead alloy Longer waterless operation & extended battery life Anchor locked elements Resist vibration & extends service life Heavier, thicker plates Will not buckle during multiple high cycle usage P/N Group CA @ 32° CCA @ 0° F Mount Warranty Res. Cap Min. DEK7T31 31 940 730 Top Stud 24 month 190 DEKDP31CS 31 875 700 Top Stud 24 month 185 BATTERIES - SEVERE SERVICE Commercial Dual Purpose Batteries 24 Month FREE Replacement Warranty EC EC5605-WM2 Monitor EC C2013B Camera EC M7000B Monitor