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13 P/N Group CA @ 32° CCA @ 0° F Mount Warranty Res. Cap Min. DEK1131MF 31 1140 950 Top Stud 24 month 175 DEK1131PMF 31 1140 950 Top Post 24 month 175 DEK1231MF 31 1230 1000 Top Stud 24 month 185 DEK1231PMF 31 1230 1000 Top Post 24 month 185 DEK31S925* 31 1135 925 Stud 18 month 170 DEK31P925* 31 1135 925 Post 18 month 170 FEATURES BENEFITS Calcium MF design Longer shelf life, less water loss,less corrosion, higher CCAs Envelope separators Protects plates from shorts, extends life De-mineralized acid Less water loss, gassing & corrosion Anchor bonding Longer life in high vibration Flush-top manifold cover No interference with hold down Full frame grids Resists internal corrosion, delivers highest CCA per pound *18 Month Warranty BATTERIES - STARTING Provide Instantaneous Power 24 Month FREE Replacement Warranty ▪ All steel construction for long life ▪ Rubber pads are adhered with a strong adhesive ▪ Non-slip ribbed vinyl hand grip ▪ Lift batteries from 4-1/2 to 7-1/2” wide, including Group 65 batteries “SIDE” BATTERY LIFTER EZ EZBK520 ▪ Safely & conveniently holds up to 6 batteries ▪ Sturdy black metal rack with attached frame for header card (not shown) THREE SHELF BATTERY RACK DEKR180 FAHRENHEIT® – AN EXCLUSIVE BATTERY TECHNOLOGY THAT EXTENDS BATTERY LIFE. Fahrenheit commercial batteries are the only batteries with Thermal Shielding Technology. This technology not only protects from the heat but extends life under extreme conditions. Special innovations enable a battery that provides longer cycle service than an AGM product (50% longer under high heat test). Fahrenheit is tough enough to handle the extraordinary conditions where ordinary batteries give up and quit. ▪ Life Extending Catalyst Avoids no-starts by protecting performance and extending cycle life. ▪ Fahrenheit Case & Cover Exclusive reinforced design safeguards performance from heat, frequent use, and vibration damage. ▪ TempX Alloy Alloyed for high heat protection and to optimize power flow. DEK9F31 ◆ Group 31 ◆ 925 CCA ◆ 190 RC ◆ 1050 REF CA ◆ Top Stud ◆ 24 Month Warranty ▪ Weather cover for vehicle plug ▪ 2000 Amp rated cast brass clamps with angled jaws for better connections in tight areas ▪ Handy storage case for cables in vehicle ▪ 5.65 CFM / 160min High Volume ▪ Automatic reset thermal overload protector ▪ Oversize foot tray with vibration isolators to reduce walking ▪ Built-in resettable 50A circuit breaker ▪ 150psi pressure relief valve for safety ▪ In-line pressure gauge ▪ Deflation button for quick air down adjustments ▪ Great for large truck & Jeep tires BDW20197 2 GA x 20 ft & 7.5 ft truck lead, quick connects BDW41000 BOOSTER CABLE SET 150 PSI AIR COMPRESSOR - PORTABLE ▪ 26 ft. poly acrylic urethane blend air hose ▪ Includes carrying bag ▪ Includes 5 piece inflation adapters